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Monkey Moon An ancient Buddhist tale about the foolishness of reaching for illusions.
Always Carry Me With You The stability of stones as a metaphor for stable, enduring love.
Emergency Quarters A charmingly captured memory of growing independence under a mother's wise guidance.
What Makes Us Human A reminder to treasure, preserve, and do all we can to revitalize endangered languages.
Marley's Pride A tale about the joy of a Pride parade — and how to handle its sensory overload.
Song of the Raven Encouragement to seek and restore what's life-giving to Earth and her inhabitants.
Thank You, God Lyrical prayers of thanks for what is nearest and dearest to us.
The Greatest Evil Is War A blazingly prophetic account of the horrors of war and its causes.
Extreme Survival Skills and encouragement for young readers to protect themselves and the environment.
Leo the Lazy Lizard A reminder that paying peaceful attention to nature is a valuable way of being.