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Patricia Campbell Carlson Biographical profile of a contributor to Spirituality & Practice.
Sophie Learns to Be Brave A meditation on being safe and free, wrapped into a story about wishing well for others.
I Am Quiet An acknowledgment that a quiet child can be vibrant and bold.
Brothers and Sisters A delightful book about the happiness siblings bring, even when they're sometimes a nuisance.
Dinosaurs Living in MY HAIR!3 A fun, enthusiastic introduction to caring for marine life.
Just Help A cheerful book emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts.
How to Practice Democracy in Response to the News Suggestions for expanding awareness, staying calm, and seeking guidance when you take in distressing news.
Out on a Limb A warmly understanding story about recovery from a broken leg.
Love in the Library A heart-stirring book about love flourishing even in the unjust conditions of an incarceration camp.
The Best Spiritual Books of 2021 Our roundup of the best books of the year.