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Conversations An array of resources to deepen your understanding of the art of conversation.
Birthday of Thomas Berry (PDP) A celebration of the Passionist priest, leading cultural historian, religious scholar, and self-identified “geologian.”
Changing Your Avatar A short video and illustrated steps.
Conflict Resolution Day Promoting awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation, and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict.
Consumerism A look at how society encourages us to buy more and more and what we can do in response.
Community Resources to remind us of the importance of community and to help us build it wisely.
Birthday of Desmond Tutu (PDP) Honoring the Anglican Archbishop and South African social rights activist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984.
Wisdom for Advent and Christmas Quotes to assure our hearts during the Christian holy days.
A Renaissance of Rituals An array of rituals that ground our yearnings and our devotion in concrete activities.
Election Day of Pope Francis A celebration of the compassionate values of the 266th leader of the Catholic Church.