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Deathbed Wisdom of the Hasidic Masters Forty-two end-of-life stories about Hasidic seers.
The Spirituality of Age A story from Margaret Mead that illustrates the value of the elderly to a society.
Conscious Living, Conscious Aging A book of immense value for those yearning for inner growth and spiritual renewal as elders.
Still Here Ram Dass on the persistent challenge of being present.
Fruitful Aging Good suggestions for meeting the challenges of aging in a skillful manner.
But What If? A children's picture book about a little girl who learns from her grandfather how to look on the bright side.
Fierce With Age Diary entries on the wild space beyond midlife.
The Wonder of Aging Michael Gurian on how spiritual elders model purpose, maturity, and wisdom.
The Wonder of Aging An exploration of the three stages of the second half of life and the importance of becoming a spiritual elder.
Still Here A very inspiring and wise book about healing by a spiritual teacher whose close brush with death has become for him an opportunity for transformation.