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Soul Therapy Guidelines for friends counseling friends and practicing therapy for a needy world.
Soul Therapy Encouragement for professional and lay therapists on providing soul care for clients, friends, family members, and the world at large.
The Seeker and the Monk Questions about how the soul “selects her own society.”
The Seeker and the Monk A wise encounter between a twenty-first century Black spiritual writer and the famous white Catholic monk.
In the House of Remembering Thirty sohbets or spiritual conversations about the Sufi path from a shaikh of the Mevlevi Order.
The Great Conversation A radical call to listen and to love, to commune and to communicate to all the voices in the world of nature.
Brave Talk Melody Stanford Martin's Top Ten Conversation Hazards.
Brave Talk Reframes the use of differences in conversations.
Conversations with the Sacred A top-drawer prayer collection.
Speaking Peace in a Climate of Conflict Dazzling essays on the amazing power, variety, and impact of words.