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The Gifts of Good Friday: Compassion and Mercy Two ways to understand the power and the significance of Jesus' suffering on the cross.
1917 An uncommonly good antiwar film about two British soldiers in World War I sent on a mission of mercy.
The Karma of Cats Spiritual teachers on their appreciation of cats' roles in their lives.
The Aeronauts A thrilling ballooning adventure with a feisty and flamboyant performance by Felicity Jones.
Science and Spiritual Practices A biologist's adventures making connections between science and religion.
Mickey and the Bear An involving story about a teenager dealing with her yearning for freedom and her commitment to take care of her troubled father.
Steven Universe: The Movie A delightful and moving animated fable about change and community.
Invigorating Communications between Representatives and Constituents Creating a healthier democracy by using spiritual practices to deepen relationships between politicians and those they serve.
Patriotism and the American Land A prophetic plea for reverencing the natural world.
Stuck A parabolic musical about what needs to happen to achieve the ancient dream of unity and respect for all people.