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Sensitive Is the New Strong How to recharge by saying “no” when you don't want to do something.
Sensitive Is the New Strong A handbook of support and advice for those whom the world calls “too sensitive” — empaths.
Can I Sit with You? A heartwarming story about empathy, friendship, and loyalty.
Bear Outside A tale about confidence taking the form of a brave ursine companion.
The Lost Package A story about how kindness and empathy help a package reach its destination at long last.
Me and My Sister A sensitive introduction to getting along in spite of differences.
The Way of Imagination Thoughts on how science and technology have moved us away from feeling kinship with all of life.
Politics & Conscience A summary of the leadership qualities that Dag Hammarskjold modeled, including faith in oneself and empathy.
Compassion Is the Key to Everything Reflections on discovering who you want to be and recommendations for how to make it happen.
Our Wild Calling A fascinating book packed with stories about humans connecting with animals with respect and reverence.