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Doorway Encouragement to give God a name that rings true for you, and to use it as a gateway to experience the infinite.
An African Invocation of Divine Names Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator's prayer expressing African devotion.
A New Approach A prayer exercise with names given the Divine.
God Is She A call to refer to God in the feminine gender as much as the masculine.
Peter Reinhart in Bread Upon the Waters The fastest way to know God is
Bishop Barbara Clementine Harris in WomanPrayers A request for God's help in discernment and taking action.
Speaking with Great Reverence Talking with others as if they were the Holy One.
Margaret Guenther in My Soul in Silence Waits Julian of Norwich talks of putting on God
Arthur Green in Ehyeh Know that all of life is holy
David Ariel in What Do Jews Believe? As spiritual agents of God