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Stitches Anne Lamott on taking the next necessary step.
Being Home A very special book that enables us to savor the vast love that flares up in the midst of the most bromidic tasks of our daily rounds.
Sweeping Changes Gary Thorp on sweeping as a way of connecting us to people of all times and places.
Altars in the Street Melody Ermachild Chavis's story of sweeping up her block, literally, to do a kind practice to clean up her neighborhood from litterers.
Next to Godliness Jeannette Batz on how chores can be a form of prayer.
Liturgy of the Ordinary An example of how to change an imprinted behavior, such as checking your smartphone first thing in the morning.
Rituals Michael Davis on being present while doing chores.
Blessing David Spangler on performing blessings as a way to feel gratitude all the time.
A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind A masterful Buddhist guidebook on the spiritual benefits of cleaning your house and polishing your mind, body, and soul.
The Road Home Specific suggestions about turning daily routines into sacred rituals.