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Faraway, So Close! Speaks forcefully to those who believe in angels and their providential place in our lives.
Tokyo! Three different short tales about the dark side of urban living with the Japanese city providing a backdrop.
Babe: Pig in the City The delightful sequel where Babe again comes across as a great moral exemplar of kindness.
The Hero An emotionally involving drama set in Angola where a thirty year civil war has shattered the lives of so many people.
City of Joy Shows how two men experience the enhancement of their lives by caring, commitment, and community.
Infernal Affairs (Wu Jian Dao) A high tension police drama set in Hong Kong where the operations of both the police and the criminals are hobbled by moles within their organizations.
New York, I Love You Eleven short films exploring love, the ties that bind people together, and the manifold mysteries of human nature.
Q & A An unsettling film about the racial bigotry which permeates every facet of urban living.
Collateral An engrossing thriller set in Los Angeles about an insecure and procrastinating cab driver whose life is transformed by his encounter with a merciless hit man.
The Odd Woman and the City An incident that showed the author how people on city streets are great company.