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Guard of the Heart Mary Margaret Funk on keeping watch in the heart.
After the Words and the Music and the Gathering An entreaty to maintain a commitment to work for justice and peace.
Let's Go For a Whim Following up on an urge to do something creative.
Abbe Henri de Tourville in Bread Upon the Waters Be bold enough always to believe that
John Cage quoted in Going on Being by Mark Epstein If something is boring
Harold Kushner in How Good Do We Have to Be? God does not stop loving us
Lawrence Kushner in Invisible Lines of Connection So that's what it's all about
Fairies Under My Bed A creative way to cultivate connection to Celtic saints and the imaginal realm.
Michael Grosso in Soulmaker Great dreams contain inexhaustible truths
From the Upasakashila Sutra in Being Good If you keep your practice steady