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Palm Sunday Vonnegut up-close and personal in essays, reviews, speeches, forwards, commencement addresses, introductions, and articles.
Simple Truths A rich and meaningful collection of essays by a sensitive writer who sees clearly and is a connoisseur of the mysteries of life.
The Buddha Eye A collection of essays on the multiple meanings of Zen.
Nature's New Voices Essays by 17 up-and-coming writers.
The Essential Dalai Lama A sturdy collection of essays by the Dalai Lama.
A Literary Education and Other Essays Joseph Epstein on how an essayist is most profound when his intentions are modest.
Buddhism Six lectures by the legendary seeker on the spread of Buddhist thought.
American Nature Writing 1999 Presents new and distinguished voices in nature writing.
Western Spirituality A stirring collection of essays by a new generation of spiritual theologians.
A Stay Against Confusion A sterling collection of 14 essays with sparkling religious insights.