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Rudolf Bultmann in The Busy Soul Kindness is always undeserved
Alan Jones A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Alan Jones, an Episcopal priest, founder of a Center for Christian Spirituality, and Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francis…
Shunryu Suzuki in At Home with Dying At one with what you are giving
Madeline Bridges in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Give the world the best you have
St. Francis of Assisi in The Sun and Moon Over Assisi Hold back nothing of yourselves for yourselves
Abraham Joshua Heschel in Everyday Simplicity I only asked for wonder
Rabbi Elazar of Barthotha in Wisdom of the Jewish Sages Everything we are is a gift
Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz in Hasidic Wisdom Every person possesses one valuable trait
Sam Keen in A Sacred Voice Is Calling Each of us is predisposed to be good at certain things
Sue Bender in Stretching Lessons Each of us has something special to give