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We Also Live Double Lives An excerpt from Walter Brueggemann's prayer on living double lives.
Gratitude A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of gratitude.
Greed – the Root of All Social Injustice A prayer to be selfless and to live for Allah.
Guillermo in Simply Living There is always enough
Greed and Giving A teaching story on giving freely.
Surya Das in Awakening the Buddhist Heart In Tibet every monk, nun or lama begins...
We Are Takers An excerpt from Walter Brueggemann's prayer on giving and taking.
Yogi Bhajan in Meditation as Medicine Be greedy that the end may be
Remembering Crazy Horse (PDP) Honoring the Sioux warrior known to his people more for his charity than his skills on the battlefield.
Deliberate Selfishness An account of practicing selfishness until generosity and kindness spontaneously overflow.