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Outerbridge Reach A novel about the midlife quest of a yacht salesman.
Dear Heart, Come Home Musings, poems, and vignettes from the author's journal directed at those who want to come to a deeper appreciation of Spirit and self.
After 50 Challenges us to make the most out of this stage of life.
In the Middle of This Road We Call Our Life Explains the search for wholeness that accelerates during middle age.
Some Things You Just Have To Live With Another sprightly and illuminating installment in her ongoing spiritual memoirs.
Living a Year of Kaddish Reveals what an Orthodox Jew learned from the ritual of saying the mourner's prayer for 11 months.
In the Tennessee Country A novel which demonstates how self-destructive it is to compare our life with others.
Independence Day Explores the courage it takes to just muddle through middle-age.
Drinking the Rain A beautifully written exploration of midlife spiritual transformation.
Passion for Life Admonishes us all to drink deeply from the cup of life every moment we are here.