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Break Open Our Hearts Prayer for righteous anger and justice.
Relief A supplication for being in right relationship with our possessions.
International Day of Women A prayer for God's guidance and blessings for all the women engaged in social change.
Cleave Us a Way, O Lord (1920) A moving expression of faith in God in a call for liberty and justice for all.
United in Prayer Day 2018 A Contemplative Outreach prayer vigil dedicated to healing violence.
Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation (PDP) Recalling the beginning of the end of the institution of slavery in the United States.
Meditation on Peace A sincere desire to recognize our common humanity and to give everyone the honor that is due them.
Honoring Sojourner Truth (PDP) Celebrating the life of one of the greatest abolitionists and suffragists of all times.
A Prayer for Africa's Children (1808) An Episcopal priest's offering of praise and gratitude in the face of inhumanity.
Birthday of Margaret Fuller (PDP) Celebrating the great reformer who argued against the subjugation of women and slaves.