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Terry Bookman in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Just be yourself today.
Mark Twain in Choosing Civility I can live for two months
The Kid A compelling movie that challenges us to confront our inner child and the incidents in the past that have deeply influenced us.
Lao Tzu in A Revolution in Kindness Kindness in words creates confidence
Audre Lorde in Intuition @ Work & At Home And At Play I would be eaten alive.
Rabbi Meir of Apta in Hasidic Wisdom Those who have no compassion for themselves
Byron Katie in Question Your Thinking, Change the World It's not your job to like me.
Henri J. M. Nouwen in The Haunt of Grace The most difficult thing of all is learning to be loved
Ram Dass in Going on Being You are not who you think you are
William Countryman in The Doubleday Christian Quotation Collection There is no point in making yourself out to be better or worse than you are