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Matthieu Ricard in Happiness Confusing pleasure for happiness
Julian of Norwich in Wrestling with the Prophets God is never out of the soul.
David Abram in The Spell of the Sensuous Direct sensuous reality remains the sole touchstone
Joan Halifax in Being with Dying If we explore pain as sensation
Bede Griffiths in A Human Search Integration the sensual and the spiritual.
Seeing Venice A sense-luscious appreciation of the city, its art, and its people.
Thomas Moore in The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life Virtues in developing the soul of a sexual life.
Jalaja Bonheim in Aphrodite's Daughters Sexual allure does not from conventional good looks
Fading Gigolo A charming, funny and oddball drama about a gentle, quiet, and sensitive florist who knows how to give women pleasure.
Walking Meditation: Wind Focusing on the movement of air over your body.