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Daily Aromatherapy Presents the psychological and healing properties of 52 essential oils as keyed to the seasons and in sync a program of daily practices.
Sensation A fascinating report from a new scientific frontier.
Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit An excellent resource for anyone interested in expanding his or her devotional life through the senses.
Heart to Heart What flowers remind us of.
Positive Solitude Rae Andre on making time in your solitude for the exercise of your senses.
Life in Five Senses Finding your hidden enthusiasm by enhancing your five senses.
Awaken Your Senses J. Brent Bill and Beth Booram on awakening your senses to the wonder of God.
Pray All Ways Concrete ways to pray and to explore the riches of our devotional life.
Red Sings from Treetops Honors the beauty and variety of the four seasons and the beauty all around us and within us.
Pilgrim Leonard J. Biallas on opening our minds to the many physical, emotional and spiritual meanings of gardens.