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Enough Happiness to Go Around Unique insight on practicing sympathetic joy.
Badshah Khan in Nonviolent Soldier of Islam No true effort is in vain
Henry David Thoreau in Essays and Other Writings of Henry David Thoreau Goodness is the only investment
James Hillman in The Force of Character and the Lasting Life Nothing more tedious than practicing
Nilton Bonder in Yiddishe Kop When Isido Rabi, the 1944 Nobel Prize winner
The Buddha in The Dhammapada The winner sows hatred
The Deep Peace of God A prayer for when to pursue peace.
Vaclav Havel in Lyrics for Re-Creation Hope is a state of mind
The Exuberant Joy of Others Gratefully delighting in people's unbridled happiness.
As You See A daily meditation and prayer to see ourselves and others as God sees us.