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Peculiar Prophets Presents biographies of more than 350 alternative prophets and the groups they formed.
Putting on the Mind of Christ Charts the dark night of the soul as the central mystery in the evolution of human consciousness.
True Confessions A rabbi and a paranormalist share their ideas and experiences.
Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals Deepens our appreciation and love of animals as great teachers.
Riding with the Lion Explores the meaning and value of Eastern Orthodox spirituality.
How to Harness Your Psychic Power Ideas on ways to deepen and broaden our psychic abilities.
Where God Lives Explores mind-body interactions, human memory, and intuition.
Mystical Paths The fifth in a series of novels about the Church of England.
Hidden Wisdom An erudite and insightful tour guide
Healing Houses A fascinating look at the intuitive healing work of a psychic house cleaner.