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Joan Chittister in Gospel Days Everyone we meet in life is on a mission
Geri Larkin in The Chocolate Cake Sutra Gratitude kicks our spiritual life into gear
Hugh Prather in Spiritual Notes to Myself Beneath the garments of the world is joy
The Ironic Christian's Companion A witty guide to a world filled with the grace of God.
Ronald Rolheiser in Against an Infinite Horizon Joy is what catches you by surprise
David Spangler in A Pilgrim in Aquarius There is an element of play about the New Age
Alice Walker in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Live frugally
Dominic Grassi in Bumping into God Again God's justice comes to us like a childhood dream
Jeffrey Kottler, Jon Carlson, Bradford Keeney in American Shaman The sort of play that leads to transformation.
Ralph Waldo Emerson in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Life is surprises