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To Taste and See Celebrates the world we encounter through our senses as a medium for grace.
O Taste and See A reflection on Psalm 34:8 as a teaching on the process of coming to and growing in faith.
Awaken Your Senses J. Brent Bill and Beth Booram on awakening your senses to the wonder of God.
Positive Solitude Rae Andre on making time in your solitude for the exercise of your senses.
Art of the Inner Meal Donald Altman on how every action involved in eating can be done with full attention.
Self-Compassion Kristin Neff on savoring the experiences, people, and places that give us pleasure.
Nature as Spiritual Practice Steven Chase on being touched by a tree and learning through nature about the divine presence.
Just One Thing Rick Hanson on marinating yourself in pleasure!
The Haunt of Grace Ted Loder's reflection on how much it takes to thank God.
Awaken Your Senses A call for Christians to listen to the report of their senses and see the world afresh in wonder and gratitude.