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Loser Depicts the difficulties principled persons must face in our uncivil society where cruel egotists are seen as 'winners and nice people are called losers.
Unstrung Heroes Shows how misfits can be necessary spiritual teachers for youth coming-of-age.
Promised Land A minor slice-of-life look at the dashed hopes of privileged youth.
Treasure Planet A spiffy outer space drama in which an unruly teenage misfit comes into his own as a creative and responsible young man.
Some Kind of Wonderful Underscores how feelings of self-worth make all the difference in the lives of adolescents.
She's All That A spiffy comedy about an adorable underdog.
Valentina A lyrical Spanish film about the bittersweet struggles of a twelve year-old boy.
Sixteen Candles Demonstrates writer and director John Huges's keen eye for the foibles, inner torments, and social embarassments of adolescence.
That Sinking Feeling A breezy escape with just the right dash of whimsy.
The Dove A great adventure story based on the true life of the youngest person to circumnavigate the world alone.