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Ethan Nichtern in One City The imaginary MegaTransNational Corporation called Hopes and Fears, Inc.
Ethan Nichtern in One City The Inadequacy Principle
Where Cross the Crowded Ways Ernest T. Campbell's devotional prayer for congregations in urban areas.
Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu in Questions from the City, Answers from the Forest Stop the war within yourself
The City Four stories of Latin American immigrants living in New York City that activate the energies of the heart.
Where Cross the Crowded Ways A collection of moving congregational prayers for parishioners living in the city.
Beauty Without Nature The father of archetypal psychology examines ideas about wilderness, urban living and art.
Arrival City A massively researched and well-written book about the challenges faced by those who have moved from rural villages to arrival cities around the world.
City Hall A convincing drama about the moral ambiguity of contemporary politics.
One City A rich and multidimensional presentation of interdependence as an important Buddhist spiritual practice.