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Donna Schaper A profile with bibliographic and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Donna Schaper, a writer, feminist, peace advocate, and preacher in the United Church of Christ.
Walking a Sacred Path A good case for this meditation tool as an archetype, a sacred space, a ritual, and a key unlocking the feminine principle, the imagination, and the inner resources of soul.
Walking a Literary Labyrinth Recommends that we make better use of books as meditative tools in our search for wholeness.
The Way of the Labyrinth A spiritual exercise for the walk inward to the centerpoint.
The Art of Pilgrimage A superb guidebook about the various stages of a sacred journey.
Heaven in Stone and Glass An appreciation of the meanings inherent in these great houses of God.
Praying with Body and Soul Insights on the experience of walking a labyrinth.
Pilgrimage as a Journey of the Heart An exploration of many dimensions of pilgrimages for those called to the journey today.
Passages in Caregiving Shares resources, stories, and varied approaches to the challenges of caregiving for a loved one with a chronic illness.
Christianity - Anglican The best of the best of our resources on Anglican Christianity.