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Bede Griffiths in A Human Search Providence teaches you to do what is necessary
Jean-Pierre de Caussade in Abandonment to Divine Providence Making use of whatever God offers you
Emanuel Swedenborg in Observing Spirit Carried along constantly toward happier things
Richard Rohr in Radical Grace: Daily Meditations There is no way God is not loving you
Ronald Rolheiser in The Shattered Lantern What is God saying to us in all of this
Symeon, New Theologian in Christian Mysticism East and West God is in the middle of everything
Bede Griffiths in A Human Search Learning to trust that is the great thing
St. Francis of Assisi in Roadsigns We should ask nothing
Outside Providence A funny and poignant coming-of-age drama set in Rhode Island during the 1970s.
St. Francis of Assisi in Freedom of Simplicity That is what I consider a great treasure