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John B. Cobb, Jr. in Reclaiming the Church Let us boldly proclaim an inclusive salvation
Pauli Murray in Selected Sermons and Writings Salvation is feeling safe
Anita Roddick in A Revolution in Kindness Kindness could be our salvation
Mary Margaret Funk in Islam Is Salvation depends on their response to justice.
Jean Maalouf in Jesus Laughed and Other Reflections on Being Human And the salvation of the world spread out from that little home
John Shelby Spong in The Sins of Scripture No one holds a corner on the market of salvation
Baby Krishna, Infant Christ A robust and radical theological work that salutes the Hindu understanding of play and applies it to the Christian view of God and Jesus.
Joseph Campbell in Roadsigns The real message of transformation
Salvation A biography of the patron saint of animals and ecologists.
Meister Eckhart in The Vein of Gold When we marvel at the beauty of created things