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Practice of the Presence How to see God’s kindness and love in your life.
Six Walks A kinesthetic approach to attention and wonder.
Six Walks Living with flies.
To Love This Earthly Life Mindfulness as carpe diem (seizing the day).
Praying with Jane Eyre Examples and advice on reading a novel as a sacred activity and spiritual practice.
Breath Prayer A book of recipe ingredients and directions for making life rich with everyday sacredness.
Interbeing, 4th Edition A classic from one of the most profound spiritual teachers of our time with a substantive new foreword.
Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul An offering of Celtic spirituality and intuition to heal our communities and world.
Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul Reflections on the sacred feminine and on sacred imagination.
Gurdjieff A groundbreaking offering of George Gurdjieff’s contemplative exercises, many previously unpublished.