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Micah Bucey Biographical profile of one of Spirituality & Practice's film reviewers.
Steve Jobs - One Last Thing An ambitious 60-minute documentary on the life and legacy of Steve Jobs.
We Have to Work Questions to help you find more fulfillment in your job.
Sacred Poetry - III To celebrate National Poetry Month, every day one new example of sacred poetry drawn from books we've reviewed.
Keys to Creating a Warm Home Seeing your home as holy ground.
Grassroots The funny adventures of two little guys who enter the tricky world of politics with nothing but passion and a dream.
Write Your Own Obituary Living the way you want to be remembered.
My Perestroika An engrossing look at the impact of social, political, and cultural change on five Russians from the last generation brought up behind the Iron Curtain.
Bless This Symbol Be mindful of how your work pleases God.
Can I Get Continuing Education Hours for an E-Course or Online Retreat? Guidelines for members of APC and NACP for claiming CEHs.