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How to Bury a Goldfish A down-to-earth and creative collection of 140 family and household rituals.
Celtic Totem Animals Provides an opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of spirit-animal helpers in this ancient shamanic tradition.
The Secret Language of the Soul Contains chapters on the cosmos, body, nature, the spirit world, and transcendence.
The Secret Language of Symbols Explores the symbol systems that give expression to our deepest wisdom.
The Half-Empty Heart A hard look at the widespread problem of low-grade depression and ways to treat it.
Coined by God Traces many commonly used words and expressions to their biblical source.
Winter Food for thought on the meanings and moods of this time.
A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven An edifying resource by two master ritual makers.
Money Magic Excellent exercises that will help you draw out your hidden feelings about money.
Writing in the Dust Some of the difficult lessons that can be learned from this tragedy.