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Ryokan Taigu in The Seeker's Guide In all ten directions of the universe
Look at the World from On High Finding perspective.
Rochelle Melander in A Generous Presence Balcony space creates time to see the larger picture.
It Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl A straight-forward documentary about the visionary known as the father of the modern state of Israel.
Voices and Visions A call to live joyfully within the limit of our mortality.
Global Spirit - Dreams, Visions and Realities An exciting interface between western scientific studies and Australian aboriginal notions of dreaming.
Frederick Franck in Coming to Our Senses The urgency of seeing, not just looking
Viewer's Guide on Vision Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
The Real State of The Union Addresses issues not being dealt with adequately during an election year.
Authors & Readings on Vision A guide of the original sources from this episode.