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Longevity Examines the hope that the baby-boomer generation will use their last years to create the good society they yearned for in their youth.
Politics is Personal A California state legislator's views on the need for a new paradigm in politics.
Being Digital A thought-provoking look at recent high-tech developments.
The Real State of The Union Addresses issues not being dealt with adequately during an election year.
The Unknown She The visions of mystics who treasure yearning, passion, listening, and other intangible feminine virtues.
Teilhard in the 21st Century Demonstrates that this French Jesuit's pioneering thought continues to send ripples across the waters of religion, science, theology, and environmental studies.
Real Power An inspired and inventive series of essays.
Spirit of Fire A magisterial biography of the pioneering Jesuit theologian and scientist.
Dialogues with a Modern Mystic A mystical education with commentary on world religions, the Sacred Feminine, and mystical experiences.
Gift of Power Offers a fascinating look at what it means to follow a spiritual calling.