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Stitches Spiritual remedies for coping with suffering, anxiety, and sadness.
Breathing Under Water Richard Rohr on why only those who have suffered can save others in the same boat.
Getting Unstuck A workbook for getting out of a rut and facilitating change.
Getting Unstuck Karen Casey on how control and detachment go hand in hand.
I'd Like to Call for Help, But I Don't Know the Number Abraham Twerski on how addicts often experience Divine intervention as a miracle.
I'd Like to Call for Help, But I Don't Know the Number An examination of Twelve-Step Spirituality and character development.
Breathing Under Water An exploration of the connections and parallels between Christian principles and the 12 Step Program.
Divine Therapy & Addiction A salute by the founder of Centering Prayer to the wisdom and healing power of the Twelve Step Method.
Recovery - The Sacred Art Explores the teachings and practices of the world religions behind each of the Twelve Steps and the challenges involved in giving up the delusion that you are in control of your life.
Spiritual Divorce An edifying and healing book about how divorce can help individuals reclaim their lives and find personal renewal.