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Taking a Day Off A daylong contemplation of seeing the world without ourselves in it.
All Things An entreaty to live with reverence for all things.
Earth Teach Me A Lakota prayer for the wisdom of the earth.
Godfrey Chips, Lakota Medicine Man, in Walking on the Wind I'm the spirit's janitor
Joyce Sequichie Hifler in When the Night Bird Sings [This is] what the Sioux Chief said
Don Jose Matsuwa in Profiles in Wisdom Never take a leaf or move a pebble without asking permission
With Your Feet A Navajo prayer on walking in beauty.
Open Our Hearts An offering of gratitude and service for the earth and all its children.
The Seven Directions An Iroquois oral tradition recorded by Jose Hobday.
The Crying Tree A teaching story about asking permission before taking only what you need.