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Blessings A variety of ways to integrate this spiritual art into everyday life as an expression of gratitude, reverence, and connection with others.
Caroline W. Casey in Making the Gods Work for You At least if you're failing, you know
Almost Done A wise perspective about intense difficulty as a prelude to change.
Jacqueline Small in Embodying Spirit To move into the world of meaning
David Spangler in Blessing: The Art and the Practice A blessing is
Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love We're all assigned a piece of garden
Body Guards A beautifully photographed volume filled with descriptions of the protective powers associated with certain religious objects, rocks, plants, and animals.
Seven Practices for Peace A seven-day plan to give peace a chance and to help end war through small daily practices.
Birthday of Ram Dass Ways to celebrate the birthday of the Ram Dass, New Age pioneer and teacher of being present.