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J. Krishnamurti inThe Zen of Listening To observe without evaluating
Francis Bacon in The Artist's Way The job of the artist is always
Vaclav Havel in Lyrics for Re-Creation Hope is a state of mind
Heraclitus in Fragments Even a soul submerged in sleep is
Heraclitus in Fragments The sun is new again
Birthday of Eduardo Galeano Honoring the Uruguayan writer who courageously spoke truth to power.
Socrates' Cave A sample of exercises from Socrates on self-examination and on finding meaning in viewpoints that differ from yours.
Sam Keen in Apology for Wonder This wise man knows
Prayer for Tolerance An earnest wish that our meaningless differences not be a means of harm.
Birthday of Henry David Thoreau (PDP) Quotes and epiphanies from America's first environmentalist.