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Shinto Meditations for Revering the Earth A handy resource for those seeking a deeper connection with the natural world and rituals designed to evoke reverence.
The Inland Sea A new edition of a classic book about Japan and its manifold mysteries, enchantments, and peculiarities.
The Living Way Twenty-seven stories from the life and ministry of this Shinto priest.
Wabi Sabi Andrew Juniper on the beauty of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi, which has been called the art of impermanence.
Shinto Meditations for Revering the Earth Stuart D. B. Picken on the spiritual practice of transformation through Shinto purification.
Shinto A rounded and well-organized guide to this indigenous Japanese religious tradition.
Spirited Away A Japanese animated feature that is nothing short of wonderful with its ten-year-old female protagonist and its steadfast refusal to set up a dualistic battle between good and evil.
Cold Fever A valentine to the charms of Iceland and a flinty meditation on a young man's quest to bestow a blessing on his parents.
Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo A fascinating documentary about the high regard for insects in Japan and the cultural and spiritual reasons behind this phenomenon.
The Wholeness of Nature By Katie Reis in KidSpirit's Myth & Magic issue. I’m not a religious person. I was baptized a Catholic but slowly realized that many of Catholicism’s beliefs and principles did not fit my own…