Gratitude is one of the 37 key spiritual practices featured on this website. On the homepage introducing our section on gratitude, we call it a "grammar," an underlying structure that helps us construct and make sense of our lives. Its syntax reveals a system of relationships linking us to the Divine and to every other part of the Creation. How do we learn the grammar of gratitude? By saying "thank you" in a thousand different ways every day.

The American celebration of the holiday of Thanksgiving comes in November, but you can practice this spiritual quality any month.We came up with 24 Ways to Practice Thanks-giving; a daily calender of simple ways to express your gratitude starting with things close at hand and extending it to your community.

Here you'll find a playlist of songs and meditations about gratitude that we've found at YouTube. These days we are only reviewing a few music CDs but in the 1970s and 1980s we covered pop, rock, soul, and folk music in our publication Cultural Information Service. We've discovered music videos of some of our favorites from that era and, with a little help from our friends, we've found some newer gratitude songs and video meditations. Special thanks to Leigh Rogers from Union Theological Seminary for her contributions to this project!

We live in a visual culture, and these video gems stimulate our senses so that we can more deeply appreciate the ample and diverse wonders of our world. Join us for a month of what our dear friend Brother David Steindl-Rast calls the "great fullness." Gratitude enables us to experience the sheer joy of being alive!

Songs about Gratitude

Meditations on Gratitude