Hope is a potent spiritual practice with the power to pull us through hard times. It lends a forward thrust to bold projects and dreams begun with great commitment, ardor, and idealism. No wonder the preacher and social activist William Sloane Coffin said, "Hope arouses as nothing else can arouse, a passion for the possible." Adds Jim Wallis, founding editor of Sojourner's, a Christian magazine writes: "Between impossibility and possibility, there is a door, the door of hope." We all want to walk through that door into a new world of love, kindness, and freedom.

"I believe in a new world. I do, yes I do," goes the hymn written by Protestant minister Al Carmines. It continues: "And I live in this trust: that although everything I see may turn to dust, we are moving inexorably, inexorably, inexorably, toward a new world." That's a feeling that can be expressed in words but really catches on when conveyed through music.

So here's a collection of YouTube videos of songs about hope. Enjoy and be hopeful.