Celebrations, family get-togethers, giving and receiving of presents, and religious holidays are all occasions, whether we are the host or the guest, that offer ample opportunities to tap into the wellspring of happiness, pleasure, and abundance that we call the spiritual practice of joy. This simple delight in being alive is one of the 37 key practices featured on this website.

Joy has many textures, and we need it to balance all the sorrows, confusions, anxieties, and exhaustions in our lives. It's an intense feeling that may seem to appear spontaneously, but it can also be cultivated. This collection of joy is designed to help you do the latter. We have found video clips on YouTube with music and images to lift your spirits and enable you to truly celebrate the deep-down daily satisfactions of this month.

To get in the mood for these brief joyful excursions, meditate on one of these quotes:

  • "The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything."
    — Julian of Norwich.
  • "The beating heart of the universe is joy."
    — Martin Buber
  • "To find joy in another's joy, that is the secret of happiness."
    — George Bernanos

Songs about Joy