In 1987 Dublin composer Michael McGlynn founded Anuna; their name derives from the collective term for three kinds of Celtic music: lullaby, happy song, and lament. The group was featured in Riverdance: The Show and since has gone on to create a totally unique sound that goes beyond both classical and popular music. This concert was taped at the Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio, where Michael McGlynn and his identical twin brother John are joined by 14 other singers as they perform a wonderful mix of songs from ancient to modern times. They are accompanied by 11 world-class musicians.

The exquisite arrangements of the material are carried into our hearts and minds by the high drama, emotional vibrancy, and the mystical meanings of the songs and the singing. For those who savor devotional material from the past, there is plenty to praise here, including "Gaudete," a melodic gem from Central Europe, and "Sanctus," a Mass text based on the medieval chants of Hildegard of Bingen.

For those who prefer stylized covers of more traditional songs there are pleasing renditions of "Greensleeves," "Scarborough Fair," "Our Wedding Day," and John Denver's "Annie's Song." The most daring and bold material is folk music from various places including "Fionnghuala," "Siuil a Ruin," and "Ceann Dubh Dilis." From start to finish, this collection is a soulful triumph!