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Godzone A thought-provoking and soul-stretching overview of the sacred journey.
Six Degrees of Separation A thought-provoking screenplay, tart comic energy, firecracker surprises and a spiritually vibrant finale.
Shadow Dance Presents ideas and exercises on how to transform our inner demons and awaken our dormant divinities.
A Price Above Rubies A beguiling drama about the yearning we all have to fulfill our heart's desire.
Dark Nights of the Soul Thomas Moore on some of the many different dimensions of beauty.
The Client A lively screen translation of another legal drama by John Grisham.
The Fourth Instinct Examines the yearning of individuals for meaning and wholeness.
Made in Heaven A sparkling movie about love and romantic yearning directed by Alan Rudolph.
Soul Making Probes the riches of this Christian tradition for modern believers.
Henry Ward Beecher in Praying with Body and Soul The soul without imagination