"Music connects us all, and we each have our own unique sound to add to the whole of the Uni-verse. So let yourself sing, hum, chant and listen. When you are open to music, your whole being vibrates joy. What could be better than that?" writes singer/songwriter, musical healer and interfaith minister Sandi Kimmel (ReachUp) on a note accompanying her second CD release. Her spiritual perspective that is very positive and life-affirming! You can hear it pulsating through one of our favorite songs "It's About Joy" where she and co-writer Beddy Sinkoff celebrate the abiding pleasure of living in a divine milieu of "faith, trust, and guidance sent from above." It affirms that love is the animating force of the universe and there is nothing to do but go with its flow and revel in the present moment.

We also took heart listening to "Our Song," Kimmel's tribute to her life partner, and "Heavenly Union," which is designed for all lovers and their many kinds of anniversaries. Through the intimacy of the relationships we see the sacred embodied in the ordinary tasks of living day by day. We also experience gratitude for those who bring healing and meaning into our lives through their "angelic" presence; that is the focus of "Angels Are Dancing." Two other selections lend light to the proceedings: "All There Is" (the love that is affirmed in all religions) and "Unseen Blessings" (thanks to God in a prayer).