The songs and chants on this CD by singer/songwriter Karen Drucker provide inspiration and encouragement to those who want to live enriched spiritual lives. Her melodic ballads are like bells calling us to attention and personal renewal. They challenge us to see that the Divine is always leading us onward and inward.

Drucker's "I Start My Day" is a song that beckons us to affirm love, peace, and joy as the bright and right way to begin each day. Gratitude is a great practice since it is so essential to other spiritual practices: the singer conveys this link in her buoyant "Grateful." Besides counting our blessings, we are admonished to nurture positive feelings for ourselves.

Drucker's "Gentle with Myself" helps us do just that as we are asked to hold ourselves "like a newborn baby child." The image is a positive and imaginative one which really works! We also savored the serenity in "Relax, Let Go" where the wise counsel is to "release and surrender, all is well, all is well." And we loved "Beauty in You" where Drucker celebrates the wisdom, courage, and power in others. These and the other songs on this CD deserve your support and appreciation.