Sandi Kimmel's Transitions: Music to Soothe the Soul is a wonderful collection of melodic ballads that have been used in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, and during chemotherapy treatments. The songs provide a healing touch which can serve as an ally during times of pain and suffering. They also provide the companionship needed during those tricky periods of transition in our lives.

In "If I Could Give You Everything," Kimmel shares her love as a treasure to be passed on to others. Another gem in the same vein is the mantra-like "Love" with these lyrics:

"Love is the freedom, love is the way
Love is a choice we make everyday
Love is the answer to every fear
Love is the reason we are here."

Songs demonstrating Kimmel's skills as a music healer include "Soften Around the Pain" adapted from the teachings of Stephen and Ondrea Levine; "Some People Say (Abe's Song)," a tribute to a hospice patient; and "At the End of the Day," for all those who have lost someone they love. During times of transition and change, we all can use moral support; the songwriter has ballads about a friend's wedding ("Forever in Love") and the birth of a nephew ("Zachary Aaron"). Other notable selections explore practices which are part of our Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy: connections ("Gathering of Angels"), hope ("Can You Hear Me, Butterfly?") and gratitude ("Thanks").