The life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth have exerted a hold on the imagination of humankind for over twenty centuries. In this book, historian and theologian Jaroslav Pelikan surveys some of the different ways successive generations and cultures have appropriated the man from Nazareth for their own times. The author has added a new batch of color illustrations to supplement the paintings, portraits, and mosaic views of Jesus in the 1985 version of this book.

Pelikan begins with Jesus as teacher and prophet in the setting of first century Judaism. In subsequent ages, Jesus is portrayed as the King of Kings, the Cosmic Christ, the Son of Man, the Monk who Rules the World, the Bridegroom of the Soul, the Prince of Peace, the Poet of the Spirit, and the Liberator. The author's observations on Eastern as well as Western Christianity and his thoughts on Jesus as a Jew add breadth to this volume. The Illustrated Jesus Through the Centuries is a valuable work suitable for church and synagogue libraries.