Here is a beautifully designed volume that will appeal to anyone interested in the relationship between art and culture in Western civilization. Regis Debray, an internationally recognized scholar and professor of philosophy, explores in his introduction the varied path of artistic imagery in relation to the sacred within Christianity. It has been a long and winding road but, in the end, we are the beneficiaries, of many paintings from different centuries expressing diverse emotions.

Each painting is accompanied by a commentary on the biblical story and the rendering of it into art. From "The Tree of Jesse" through "The Last Judgment" you can feast your eyes on 100 masterpieces by El Greco, Raphael, Hieronymus Bosch, Fra Angelico, Titain, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and many others. This format could be used by readers during a devotional period to meditate on text and image in tandem.

An accompanying volume is also available The Old Testament Through 100 Masterpieces of Art by Regis Debray from the same company for the same price. Visit their website at