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Ten Poems to Change Your Life Again and Again Roger Housden on Hafiz's sense of love that doesn't have expectations and comes when wanting ceases.
Mary Magdalen A brilliant and incisive overview of 2,000 years of controversy over Mary Magdalene, her life and ministry and meaning.
Set Your Hearts on the Greatest Gift Set Your Hearts on the Greatest Gift: Living the Art of Christian Love by Morton Kelsey is a heartfelt and experiential exploration of agape.
The Psalms Focuses on the spiritual practices of longing, hope, beauty, compassion, and gratitude.
Seasons of Your Heart An exquisite devotional work with meditations on wonder, hope, love, mystery, and faith.
Bible Babel Kristin Swenson on how the Bible contains a chorus of different voices and a multitude of meanings.
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Explores the Bible's origin, authority, and interpretation.
Listen with the Heart A challenge to see God's presence and power in the midst of the rhythms and rituals of everyday life.
Sensing God Challenges Christians to bring their full-bodied attention to reading the Bible and living the faith.
The Hebrew Prophets Presents the teachings of the prophets with respect and wisdom.