Lucia Capacchione is an art therapist, artist, and author who leads popular workshops around the country and consults to schools and businesses. She is the author of 12 books. In this paperback, she shows how the creative arts of drawing, painting, journal writing, collage making, sculpting, drumming, dancing, mask making, and dramatic dialogue can help us to express our emotions. She asks three questions at the outset which underlie all that follows:

  • How do I find my emotions and really feel them?
  • Once I get in touch with them, what do I do with my emotions?
  • How do I handle a specific feeling such as fear, loneliness, grief or rage?

Capacchione identifies nine families of emotions which color our days: happy, sad, angry, afraid, playful, loving, confused, depressed and peaceful. Through various exercises with the creative arts, she enables people with the following symptoms to deal with their emotions:

  • I don't know how I feel.
  • I have mixed feelings and can't sort them out.
  • I know how I feel but am afraid to voice it.
  • I have emotions that don't easily translate into words.

In chapters on embracing your emotional self, expressing your feelings, and understanding your feelings, Capacchione opens the door to the art of emotional healing with 60 exercises covering a whole range of possibilities. A very creative and helpful book.