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Beyond Love and Work Presents many examples of adults who have deepened and enriched their lives with play.
The Book of Practical Faith Makes it clear why this spiritual practice is such an important part of the sacred adventure of life.
The Miracle of Change Examines the spiritual practice of transformation.
The Luzhin Defence The unlikely romance between an eccentric competitor and the playful young woman he wants to marry, set at the 1929 world chess championships at an Italian lake resort .
Under Suspicion A cat-and-mouse psychological thriller set in Puerto Rico that proves just how difficult it is to discern the truth about human beings.
Forgiveness Wise observations on this essential spiritual practice.
Mumford An endearing portrait of a wounded healer who uses his own experiences of pain and compulsiveness to help others.
Misery A convincing psychological thriller with a powerful performance by Kathy Bates.
Man Facing Southeast A thought-provoking parabolic film from Argentina.
Everybody Rides the Carousel A fascinating animated film about Erik Erikson's eight periods of the human life cycle.