It is never too early to introduce art to children. In the paintings of great artists from modern and ancient times, the world is presented in all its drama, variety, beauty, and wonder. How Artists See Jr. is a boxed set of four volumes with subject matter that will appeal to the young boys and girls: Babies, Dogs, Horses, and Trains. These board books have been designed for children from 9 months to 6 years of age.

Colleen Carroll is an educational consultant who has taught sixth grade in California. She has done a marvelous job choosing imaginative works of art (9 to 12 selections in each book) which will spark the visual literacy of all those who look at them. Carroll begins with some excellent questions and ends with credits for the illustrations.

Babies is an ideal collection of paintings to peruse with your child, grandchild, or cross-generational friend. Notice the differences between the babies in art by Keith Haring, Kate Greenaway, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and others.

Horses contains a sculpture piece by Deborah Butterfield, an Egyptian fresco, French and Japanese paintings, the Horse Armor presented to King Henry VIII, and more. Our favorite is Horse and Groom by Andrea Mantegna where animal and human are both at rest.

Trains captures and conveys a variety of little engines, capped off by Georges Spiro's multidimensional Trains Through the Ages.Dogs ought to be wildly popular with kids. Check out the playful art of Jeff Koons, Paul Gauguin, Alexander Calder, Alberton Giacometti, and Norman Rockwell.

How Artists See Jr. by Colleen Carroll is a portable museum of paintings and sculptures that will stir the senses and draw out the large reservoirs of wonder within every child.